19th Mile for Zoho

19th Mile provides comprehensive, granular sales analytics and data driven coaching to Zoho CRM users.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in 19th Mile for Zoho.
It’s a great choice to get granular and incisive analytics and analytics driven sales coaching based on the data your team enters into Zoho.

  • Get a complete picture of your team’s performance with 50+ pre-configured sales KPIs to choose from. No development required.
  • Give the power of personalized, upto date analytics to every manager and sales rep.
  • Be alerted well before hand to any KPI that is at risk of missing its goal
  • Identify risks in each deal, get coaching on how to mitigate them and notifications to address them on time
  • Deliver training and content in the context of sales performance

19th Mile is incredibly easy to set up. Here are the steps:

  • 1Create your 19th Mile Account
  • 2Configure your 19th Mile Account
  • 3Integrate 19th Mile with Zoho and sync your data
  • 4Start using 19th Mile with Zoho for real time insights and sales coaching

We will guide you through these steps so you can get set up easily.

In case, you have questions please go through the FAQs below or write to us at info@19thmile.com


Is 19th Mile a CRM?

19thMile for Zoho is not a CRM. It is a very comprehensive sales analytics tool that displays KPIs for each manager and sales rep, updated on a daily basis. It is designed to appear like a CRM so that analytics can be shown at a deal, customer, and account level.

How does it work?

19thMile (19M) is integrated with Zoho CRM through APIs. You need to first create an account with 19M and configure it. Configuration needs to map with that of your Zoho CRM account. After the configuration, you will need to connect with your Zoho  CRM account through the web based integration UI on 19M. Once the connection is successful, 19M will download all your CRM data of the 19M users. The analytics will be available to you from the next day, as the calculations are done at the end of the day. On a daily basis, 19M will sync with your Zoho CRM account and load any incremental data and updates and provide the analytics basis this daily sync.

How will 19th Mile benefit my organization?

19thMile provides comprehensive and granular sales analytics on a daily basis. This will benefit your organization by providing:

  • The ability to manage your sales function with a data driven approach
  • Greater ability to influence outcomes proactively instead of taking measures reactively
  • Reduced dependence on a BI or MIS team
  • Insights at a deal and customer level
  • Ability to provided targeted content based on performance
Can I as an individual user use 19th Mile?

Yes, you can use 19thMile for Zoho individually as well, even if your company has not taken a subscription of 19M. However, you should definitely check your organization’s IT and data security policies to make sure that connecting individually is allowed.

Can I enter data into Zoho CRM through 19th Mile?

No you cannot enter data into Zoho through 19thMile. You will need to enter all your sales data in Zoho CRM. 19M will be used only for viewing your sales KPIs.

How much does it cost?

For pricing please write to us at info@19thmile.com

Is my data secure in 19th Mile?

19thMile provides enterprise grade data security. To secure the data, the 19thMile web application has data security measures such as secured RDBMS, database segregation, username / password authentication, encrypted user credentials, user access control management, robust password policy, web application firewall, and addresses all OWASP top 10 known vulnerabilities. In addition, a 3rd party VAPT is done for all its public URLs, application and infrastrcture.

For the security of its mobile app data,  the 19M app has deployed 256-bit AES encryption algorithm and encrypted data communication using https. In addition it provides for secure displays, data purge on log out, username / password authentication, poison pill / remote data wipeout, and a robust password policy. A 3rd party VAPT is done every year.

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