19thMile enables superior sales performance by bringing together a sales CRM, sales analytics, sales coaching and a content delivery engine, in one single app.

A mobile first, full-feature sales CRM

19th Mile offers a full-feature sales CRM that covers contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, activities, tasks, and channel partners. It integrates with your email and calendar and is voice-text enabled. The full set of features is available on the mobile app making it very easy for sales people to access, and update information on the road.

It has been designed as a ‘mobile first’ application. All transactions and data recording are done using the mobile app only, while reporting, importing & exporting data are done on the web.

Comprehensive sales analytics for each sales rep

19th Mile has a library of 50+ pre-built, ready to use metrics and associated reports that provide a comprehensive view into an individual’s and organization’s sales performance. These metrics are calculated daily, aggregated as per the organization’s hierarchy, for multiple time frames and displayed with trends. A manager can view team heat maps for every metric.

Setting up and deploying these metrics and reports can be literally done in minutes. Individual quotas and targets can be assigned centrally or by managers, providing the flexibility to manage performance in dynamic sales environments.

Fully offline capable, native sales CRM app

The 19th Mile app is fully offline capable. This allows a user to access all data including mail, even when there is no network. Sales rep can utilize down time such as the time on a flight, to update their information in the CRM. The offline app syncs with the server in the background, whenever it finds the network.

19th Mile is a native app in both Android and iOS. This native and offline approach ensures a very fast and rich user experience at all times.

Automated data-driven sales coaching

The comprehensive analytics that 19th Mile app calculates is used to provide algorithm and data driven sales coaching to sales reps. Sales coaching takes the form of early warnings, deal risks and risk mitigation advice, and daily action lists.

These recommendations support sales reps even if they don’t get inputs from their managers. Managers, on the other hand, can now focus on higher order issues with their teams.

A powerful personal reminder system for sales

From coaching recommendations, to data driven insights to simple meeting alerts, everything is surfaced to the user through a reminder system. 19th Mile uses a very smartly designed combination of visual triggers, in-app reminders and push notifications to keep sales reps on the ball without letting notification fatigue set in.

Integrated Sales Academy and intelligent content delivery for your sales team

19th Mile has an in-built Sales Academy, which provides a catalogue of high quality content sourced from lead sales trainers and publishers such as Harvard Business Publishing, Coursera, Udemy, and Sales Hacker.

The academy delivers these modules at contextually relevant situations for the seller. Organizations can upload their own content as well and deliver them contextually. For example, when a sales rep is on the way for a meeting, relevant content, such as tips and product information is pushed through 19th Mile.

Flexibility to implement sales processes of a wide range of industries

19th Mile is completely configurable through a web interface. It has the flexibility to accommodate different types of sales processes across industries. Parameters such as organization structure, roles, products, metrics, targets, reports, and recommendations can be easily configured. Organization specific learning content and product information can be configured to be delivered at the point of need.

Secured for enterprise use

With data security as one of its top most priorities, 19th Mile has been designed to provide enterprise level security for both, the mobile app and the web. Key features are listed below:

Mobile app
  • Username and password authentication
  • Secure displays
  • 256 bit encryption of data
  • Poison pill
  • Encrypted data communication using https
  • 3rd party VAPT every year
  • Data purge on log out
  • Robust password policy
  • Secure RDBMS
  • Database segregation
  • Username and password authentication
  • User credential encryption
  • Addresses (OWASP) top 10 known vulnerabilities
  • Web application firewall
  • User access control management
  • Robust password policy
  • 3rd party VAPT every year on public URLs, application and infrastructure

Implementation is easy. Get started in minutes.