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  • Native apps for Android & iOS (coming soon)

  • Full offline functionality

  • Web version

  • Pre-built metrics & reports

    Library of 50+ pre-built ready-to-use metrics & reports

  • Dashboard, graphs and charts (Web version only)

    Available for every metric

  • Team heat maps

    Available for every metric

  • Custom metrics & reports*

  • Target setting by role and by individual

  • Target setting across different time frames

  • Target modification by managers

  • Performance early warnings:

    For all metrics

  • Deal risk identification:

    Deals evaluated for 9 risk parameters

  • Enhanced deal risk identification

    Deals evaluated for 9 risk parameters by products, type of sales, BU, role

  • Daily Action List

    Identify proactive actions that will help progress opportunities and leads

  • Top sales opportunity mining (Coming soon)

    Identify the top sales opportunities for each sales rep based on pre-defined rules

  • Opportunity heat map

  • Channel partner focus area identification

  • Customized deal coaching & early warnings

  • Off-the-shelf Content

    A curated sales academy with a catalogue (both free and paid) covering 18 skill areas from the best publishers across the globe

  • Custom Sales Academy

    Build your own Sales Academy - customize structure, curriculum, and content.

  • Contextual content delivery

    Deliver your academy content by embedding it in the user’s context automatically.

  • Activity management:

    Activity scheduling, reminders, daily sales reporting (DSR), click-to-call, geo location

  • Lead management:

    Lead capture, lead ratings, lead status, lead conversion, activity tracking

  • Opportunity management:

    Pipeline, contacts, accounts, products

  • Channel partner management:

    Recruitment, performance tracking, activity tracking, partner assignment

  • Zoho integration

    Meetings, tasks, deals, leads, accounts, contacts, notes

  • Salesforce integration (coming soon)

    Meetings, tasks, opportunities, leads, accounts, contacts, notes

  • Data import & export through CSV

  • Read only 19th Mile app

  • FAQs, Help, Video tutorials

  • Email support

  • Phone support

  • Account manager support

  • Usage reports

  • Configuration & customization*

  • Onboarding*

* Additional one-time fees will apply