Good coaching is essential to good performance.

19th Mile is the result of our strong conviction that good coaching is essential to good performance.

As avid long distance runners and sports enthusiasts, we know this from experience. In fact, that’s the inspiration behind our name: in a 26-mile marathon, the 19th Mile tends to be the most difficult. It’s where you’re most likely to hit a wall, and think about giving up. It’s a crucial point in the race and one you’re likely to easily cross if you’ve had the right guidance from a coach.

In this respect, sales is no different from running. It is widely accepted that sales coaching directly correlates with strong performance. A salesperson, just like a long distance runner, can benefit greatly from a coach who insists on discipline and rigor, watches over you, knows your strengths and weaknesses, gives you timely advice, and ultimately guides you to meet your goals. Yet, the reality is that very few companies have succeeded in institutionalizing sales coaching.

We believe that the answer lies in making sales coaching digital. We have designed an innovative product that will unleash a new frontier in sales productivity. Our vision is to make high-quality sales coaching accessible to front-line sales professionals, so they have personalized expert guidance available on tap when they’re facing their own 19th miles.