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The Case for a Mobile First Sales CRM

Mobile first has become a buzzword in the world of enterprise applications. There are, obviously, pros and cons to a mobile-first approach. If you focus only on the mobile user, you might end up ignoring the web user, who deserves attention because he or she is still in a majority. Despite the rapidly increasing use […]

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Rock Star Sales Rep to Sales Manager

Benjamin Sanders started out, as most young sales people do, with ambitious dreams and a spirit to match. Sanders was a born salesman. His clients couldn’t resist his honest charm, his helpful attitude, and his ability to cut through the noise and give them what they needed. It was no wonder, then, that Sanders quickly […]

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The Lucky Few

Let’s say you have a sales team of 20 people. How many of them are sales rock stars? Chances are, no more than 2 or 3. You probably have another 5 who are pretty good. They can get the job done, with a bit of guidance. What about the rest? Perhaps they show potential, but […]


Who’s Your Sales Coach?

Competitive sportspersons realize very early on that they can’t excel without help. Behind every good sportsperson is a coach – creating the right environment for them to build their skills and driving them to reach their potential. A large part of the coach’s job is to analyze the sportsperson’s current performance and then create a […]