B2B Sales Acceleration: Strategies, Tactics, Processes And Technologies

If you are an experienced B2B sales leader or an entrepreneur with a B2B offering, one thing you surely must have been asked to achieve is sales quotas that are much higher than the previous year.

That’s where B2B sales acceleration comes into play.

In this ebook, we will talk about the 8 levers that can be used to accelerate B2B sales. They are:

  1. Generating high-quality leads
  2. Sales workforce planning
  3. Hiring an ‘A’ team
  4. Personalizing sales training to roles and individuals on a daily basis
  5. Institutionalizing metrics driven sales coaching
  6. Retooling CRM software to drive daily productivity of sales reps
  7. Driving the right behaviors through the right compensation plan
  8. Getting marketing and sales on the same page